Staying in Touch

Here are some useful links to stay in touch with your country and the rest of the world. Make an effort to read a newspaper from home every day and watch the daily news from your country on TV or Internet. Have a "call-home day" regularly and exchange news on friends and family weekly by e-mail. Write a newsletter and e-mail it to friends and family together with the latest pictures of the family. It is amazing how much this helps to keep relationships going!  
International Dialing Codes by Country

Newspapers and Magazines

● International newspapers and magazines are not always available and have to be ordered. ● Find an international news agent. ● Order magazines via Internet. ● Check postage and delivery time and if the paper is able to pass customs. Magazines like the Playboy are not permitted to import and will be confiscated in many Southeast Asian countries. ● Shops with a high frequency of expatriate customers have a good supply for sale but foreign magazines and newspapers are rather expensive.
UK: British Magazines Direct
USA Today

Broadcasting and TV

Voice of America
Deutsche Welle
Radio France

Connecting Your Computer

Setting up the laptop or computer and getting connected to the Internet is of primary concern of expatriates to quickly get in touch with friends and family members again. Look for an expert. The following questions the answers to which which you may find in the manual or the web site of your computer's manufacturer: ● What are the electrical voltage and current and plug configuration of your computer? ● Does your computer have a built-in voltage adapter? ● Did you buy already the necessary plug adapters and data cables? ● Do you have a fibre or cable connection installed? ● Do you want a surge protector or back-up power supply for reliable power supply? ● Where to get high-speed modem and wireless router? ● If you have a choice: do you want to connect manually via a modem, be connected automatically through via cable or going wireless? ● Have you already chosen a local Internet Service Provider?  The 3 primary telcos in Singapore are Starhub, Singtel and M1.       Back Next