Your Transition Home

As soon as you have arrived in the rooms of a serviced apartment you will be asked to check the inventory. At the same time check the number of hangers in the wardrobes, if the beds face the air-conditioning (draught) and check electricity, water, TV, telephone, etc.   As a rule of experience, many items do not function the way they should or you do not know how to operate them properly. Despite your fatigue this process is important, as only now you may be able to exchange the rooms for better ones without a big hassle. Check noise levels and all other things that might disturb you before you unpack and ask for speedy repair and the many extras you have ordered with your booking like children's chairs, extra hangers, baby beds and the extra telephone line for your laptop.   Ask the hotel staff to organize repairs for the next day when you are out and hang out the "do not disturb" sign. You may either drop dead down into your bed or unpack. We leave this to you and your energy level. As there is no food served in many serviced apartments it is wise to have some fast food and drinks ordered in advance and placed into the fridge.   There might be an unexpected family meeting around the fridge in the middle of the night due to the not yet adjusted body clocks! Back Next