Roller Coaster Feeling

Transitions are never easy and a move to a foreign country always comes along  with feelings never experienced before. There is a name attached to the stress and deeply disturbing emotional roller coaster: Culture Shock. Many expatriates after their culture shock phase lived happy and healthy in the host country of their choice  for often much longer than they had planned initially.   Therefore it does make a lot of sense to socialize as soon as possible with other expatriates and newcomers on whose shoulders you can cry and who will understand. Sitting in the same boat and mirroring the strange impressions and encounters with foreign cultures will help you overcome these obstacles and see the funny side of the story.   Once you have arrived and rested for a day from your travels to adjust to the climate and to overcome the jetlag there are numerous tasks waiting for you. This chapter will help you to coordinate and optimize the duties and streamline the rocky path into your new and permanent home.        Back Next