Have a Slow Start

The first weeks in Southeast Asia demand you to listen to your body's needs. You have just gone through a turbulent time: late nights for good bye parties, tremendous emotional and physical stress, the jetlag and the tropical climate will take their toll. You have a right to be exhausted! Ideally you should have a holiday now to sleep, exercise and get  accustomed to the new food, the heat and the humidity. But it most cases everyday life takes over straight away and the boss expects you to start work tomorrow.   Nevertheless your mind and body needs time to adjust! You should go to bed at local night time and avoid alcohol. Instead you need to take in a lot of fluids but have the drinks without ice for the sake of your stomach! Start slowly with the local food - especially when it is spicy and have a small portion of the local fruits (peeled!) first. Avoid long sun bathing! You will still have plenty of time to be in the sun. Get some good sun glasses and a hat/cap and start exercising slowly but regularly.     Back Next