At The Airport

  On arriving in your host country, a representative of your company should welcome you in case there are difficulties and you need assistance going through immigration and customs. In many countries, the procedures to pass immigration and receive your luggage are tedious and time consuming.   Your endurance worn out by a long flight, and being extremely jet-lagged, answering the immigration officer's questions in the right way may prove challenging. However, try to stay tolerant and patient at all times.    

Immigration Papers

  If your long-term visas are not ready, you need to find out which papers you require to pass immigration. Apart from a credit card from a major bank, the letter from your employer stating your employment in the host country, and a certified copy of your visa and employment pass applications, some countries ask you to show a return ticket or round trip ticket. If you plan to interrupt your journey to stop in another country on the way, you may need to produce relevant vaccination certificates.    


  If there is any luggage lost, you should be able to identify the baggage easily by your Baggage List, in which should be allocated to a person, and the brand, type (suitcase, travel bag) and color indicated. A baggage name label/tag is still necessary today in case the flight labels/stickers are lost.   Proceed to your hotel and have the airline's lost luggage counter take care of the rest. They will usually deliver the missed item to your hotel in the shortest possible time. You need to always watch and follow your luggage once it is carried or driven away from the arrival carousel.   Never be tempted to take someone else's luggage through customs, be it to help a heavily laden woman with children or the good looking female next to you struggling with three heavy suitcases. The risks of being used as a drug smuggling courier are just too high in any Asian country.    As we advised you to book a pick -up mini van with your transition home/hotel there should be no problem with transport. But if you still have to get an extra taxi, split your family and have your luggage accompanied. Ask for the fair including extras before you board and do not forget to ask for a receipt for your fare.    

Change Money

  If you do not have local currency and small change, it is time to change some money rather than when you need it in the hotel. The exchange rates at airports are usually quite reasonable.     Use our Currency Exchange Calculator to find out the exchange rate of converting your home currency to Singapore dollars.       Back Next