Shipment Matters

Once it comes to approving a specified mover, you may play an important role if their quotations are similar in price and service. You may be able to influence your chosen mover to adjust their quotation in the right direction. Experience shows that movers will be able to adjust their quotations if others have offered the same service at a lower price. First, ask your company on their preferences for moving companies and the limitations to the size of your shipment.   Inquire about storage payment for long term storage at home. Shipments are generally packed in 20 ft or 40 ft containers. Make appointments with them to see your home as soon as possible - ask for quotations to be sent the following week. Have a list prepared of the main furniture to be shipped and stored.   Be aware that an international move requires a lot of experience and cannot be taken up by a local mover with some international connections. See Selecting a Moving Company for more information. Once you show them your home ask them for shipment times, the way they pack, their storage capacities at home and abroad (air-conditioned!) and safety.   The moving company needs to measure larger items for crating and assessing the size of your household. So print the lists out.  Moving companies usually provide lists and  information on moving with a lot of brochures or even games also for children.   Once you see the quotation you will know how much time they schedule for the packing procedure and how many packers are assigned to the job. Any previous moves experienced by you may help you to find out if their approach is realistic. Many moving companies tend to underestimate the time needed for packing which does imply rushing at the end! It is also much easier for you to supervise three men for five days than five men for three days.   Start packing on a Monday which gives you time for last minute preparations on the preceding weekend .       Back Next