Selecting a Moving Company

Some companies have specific moving companies under contract while others are willing to leave the choice to the employee. Usually you need to obtain quotations from 2-3 different moving companies before a final decision is made. In any case, it is you who is showing the shipment consultant around in your home and need to ask the relevant questions. You may be able to influence the decision or decide by yourself and it is very important to choose an experienced company which has either a representative office or a partner in the country you move to.   A reputable mover should: ●  Have been in the business for several years ●  Have a license and should be registered ●  Name his insurance company ●  Belong to an international professional association ●  Have references from leading international companies and projects he has completed in the target country ●  Have his own office in the target country ●  Alternatively, is working with an associated moving company well known there ●  Have his own employees packing and unpacking and does not outsource or subcontract ●  Not promise to pack within a short time but rather take longer to improve quality and reduce breakage ●  Show you the latest packing materials and prove his knowledge about packing for the tropics ●  Advise which items have to be crated for safety to evade damage ●  Will be able to advise on shipment times and carriers / vessels to Singapore when he visits your home ●  Will provide safe and highly equipped storage facilities for your household goods remaining at home ●  Should provide a detailed quotation with a list of items to move     Back Next