Items to Bring

Wine and Liquor

●  Generally wine and liquor is very expensive in Southeast Asia due to high import duties. Therefore it may be a good idea to take along your stock or even buy some bottles for import. ●  Alcohol imported and declared may be still considerably less expensive than buying locally. ●  Check on specific duties and limitations with your moving company. Also ensure that the mover provides special packaging for the bottles.    

Photos, Slides, Videos, VCR, Books

●  Get damaged if not stored in air-conditioning ●  May get lost or damaged during the move ●  In many Southeast Asian countries there are strict rules on the import of videos such as compulsory censorship viewing with high fees. ●  Think twice before taking anything precious overseas. Have it stored or leave it at your home base.    

Antique Furniture

●  As you will be moving to a tropical humid and warm climate you should consult a specialist to help with your decision. ●  Wood expands and glue melts and mildew is a potential problem. ●  Despite all the care taken by movers in handling your shipment items may still get damaged or lost. ●  You will come a across many interesting furniture and antiques from the different culture groups in Southeast Asia. You may find you can't resist purchasing a few pieces to make up for what you left behind!    

Warm Clothes

●  In the tropics you need not bring many warm clothes. ●  Bring a sweater and shawls for the highly air-conditioned environment. ●  Pack suitable clothes for your home leave and business trips to colder areas. ●  Warm clothes are hard to find in Southeast Asia but can be ordered on the Internet.    

Fine Crockery, Glasses, China

●  You may need to entertain guests during your assignment. ●  Expect fair wear and tear by your maid and take along some spares. ●  Good quality and modern designs are hard to get in some countries. ●  For larger functions, anything required can be rented from caterers.    

Bedding, Mattresses, Linen, Towels, Curtains

●  Large Mattresses for your beds may be difficult to get and have to be custom made. ●  There are different sizes for bed linen as well, so we suggest you bring a good supply of your own from home. There will be fair wear and tear due to climate and washing practices by laundries and your household helpers. ●  You will need more bath and pool towels and a good supply of table linen. ●  There is no real need to bring along curtains, as many homes will have curtains or you will be able to get yours custom-made for reasonable prices.    

Sports Equipment

●  Large sizes for shoes and sports clothing are difficult to get and brands are limited. ●  Bring what you have as you may have facilities to enjoy and time on your hands. ●  Golfing equipment is available in large variety and quite well priced. Playing golf improves business. ●  Nice Swimwear (especially not padded) is hard to get. ●  Sun protection clothes and swim suits are available for adults and children. Fancy bikinis and unpadded tops are harder to find.    

TV, Radio, PC, VCR, Telephone, Electrical Appliances

Southeast Asia generally is a buyer's haven for electrical and electronic equipment. Often broadcasting systems and electrical stardards differ from your home county and conversion is expensive with no satisfying results. Therefore, you should consider buying locally instead of importing your appliances.   This is especially of advantage if your employer places restrictions on the weight or volume of your household shipments.   If you want to bring along your own appliances, the following information is helpful: ●  Verify the type of plugs used in the host country. ●  Verify Voltage (110/ 220 V) and Hertz/Cycle (50/60 hz) of the destination country. ●  Generally powerful appiances are not "multi-system" devices made to operate on either 110-120 or 220 -240 volts. ●  Us- sized appliances often do not fit into smaller kitchens and repair may be difficult to obtain. ●  Verify local TV standards (NTSC 3.58, or PAL or others). ●  TV and VCR need to be multi-standard appliances. ●  Do not sell telecommunication equipment; you may need it at the next posting. ●  Store fax, telephone, TV etc. for different parts of the world.Rent appliances if they are not supplied with the new home. ●  Buy mobile telephones with international access to the digital-cellular network/GSM or a satellite based system. ●  Keep the original boxes, as they are most suited to move the items around safe and secured in Styrofoam. ●  Keep receipts, copy receipts, and enter the information into the home inventory file. ●  Also, many second hand items may be purchased in good conditions from expats leaving when you arrive. ●  Buy a couple of multi-suitable plugs ●  Find out if the light bulbs you need for your lamps are push and twist/bayonets or screw and bring along a couple of what you need packed into your Starter Box.    

Buying Items You Need to Bring

There is a List of Items you should bring to your host country. Check what you need to buy. The moving company would pick up larger items from the store or you can have them delivered to the moving company instead of your house as you may be eligible to deduct taxes on exporting goods. ●  Ask the moving consultants on the procedure and forms they will need to supply. This may include clothes, cosmetics, food, baby supplies etc. ●  List newly bought items in your home inventory file      To Bring
Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs with medical certification from your doctor
Larger sized shoes for men (>US 32) and women (> US 10) and youth sizes
Underwear large sizes, unpadded bras (D-Cups)
Fashionable swim wear and larger sizes swim wear (D-Cups)
Baby supplies: diapers and ready to mix formula (very expensive locally)
Bed linen to fit your mattresses
Greeting cards (expensive)
Wrapping paper (expensive)
Special diet food
Extra pads for your ironing board (sizes here are smaller)
Feminine hygiene products (limited choice of brands)
Cosmetics (do not stock up too much as your skin care may change due to the climate)                 Watch import duty regulations!
Barbecue Pit/Grill
Children's costumes for Halloween
Corrective Footwear
Party Decorations
Sewing Patterns
Craft Kits
Western Cookbooks (especially Seafood recipes)
High Quality Crystal
China in Western Design
Musical Instruments
Music Books/Sheets
Alcohol as even with duties paid this may be cheaper than local purchase
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