Insurance Paperwork

List all items of your household for insurance purposes of your storage and shipment.   ●  Dispose of all items to be sold, given away or disposed of ●  Fill out the insurance file straight into your laptop and keep safe on a floppy disk ●  Work room-by-room from large to small items ●  Fill in the sort code for easy research and update ●  Fill in the currency columns ●  Decide on the location of the item (e.g. storage, shipment) ●  Do not underestimate the values of children's toys, clothing, linen ●  Look at mail order catalogues for pricing if you don't have the bills ●  Consult an appraiser for valuable items ●  Expect this work to take up a whole weekend ●  Don't forget the loft, garage, garden shed etc. ●  Read through the following paragraphs before you start!!   Set up photo and video records of valuable items accompanied by copies of their original purchase receipts and the developed pictures or the negatives. You need a set of two each as one set stays at your home base and the other ones should be hand-carried by you.     Back Next      

Step 1: Going expatriate Accepting an expatriate assignment.
Step 2: Preview Visit Selecting your ideal home away from home.
Step 3: Pre-Move Prep Making final preparations to relocate.
Step 4: The Move Pack and move.
Step 6: Settling In Making yourself feel at home.