Counting Down

You are now counting down the final week before you leave your domicile country in seek of a new life in your host country.  Here are some tasks for you before you leave:   ●  Find a place to stay for the kids and pets. ●  Give away all unnecessary food, eat out, and order fast food for the last three days. ●  Go for your last shopping: buy instant coffee, tea bags and soft drinks for the packing crew and plastic cups, paper plates and plastic cutlery. ●  Get traveler checks for Southeast Asia and get cash as tips for the movers (ask what is usually paid) ●  Sell your car and rent a mini van for the last couple of days. Cancel insurance and road tax. ●  Wash all towels, bed sheets, table linen etc. and use old ones you can throw away or you can move dirty laundry last minute to your home base with relatives or friends (may include comforters, blankets, pillows). ●  Start sorting items of your household, which go into one room for storage. ●  Start sorting items you need to take along in your hand carried luggage into one room. ●  Prepare a "Starter box" for items you need first when moving in: set of bed linen, towels, kitchen towels, comforters, blankets, multipurpose plugs, etc. Label: load last - open first - store in the out of bound room (see below). ●  Prepare medication you take along in your hand carried luggage. ●  Keep a First Aid Kit prepared and pack last into Starter Box. ●  Pack hand carried luggage, write down in Hand Carry List ●  Fill in Baggage List; prepare tags with host country address, label keys. ●  Group items together: vases, photo frames, lamps, pictures, books etc. - items you need only when decorating your new home and have them packed together. Label boxes DÉCOR. ●  Keep all your computer items together and have the boxes labeled clearly, try to have your PC packed last. ●  Load down all files from your computer onto backup disks. ●  Pack Software backups into your hand carried baggage.    

Moving Day

●  Be prepared as movers may arrive early in the day. ●  Review details and paperwork of the move. ●  Arrange for an explanation tour through your home before packing starts. Ask them when they have their breaks and arrange your own lunchtime accordingly, ask what time they finish packing daily. ●  Find out when the container is coming and arrange for space in front of your house.

What the Packers Should Know

●  Not to pack anything broken, ask first. ●  Do not pack any food left. (E.g. sugar in the sugar box, open alcohol bottles). ●  Wrap candles in aluminum foil. ●  Prepare tall clothes box hangers for longer dresses and suits. ●  Do not pack any cleaning material like brooms, etc. until last minute. ●  Do not pack items from one room, together with items from another, ask first. ●  Clearly label where the box was packed and what is packed. ●  Make a list of items they should not pack at all in case you forgot to sort out custom prohibited or controlled goods. (E.g. videos) Goods Prohibited and Goods Controlled. ●  Declare one room out of bounds until the last day where you can keep your personal belongings. Lock the room! ●  Tell them what drinks you have prepared for them. ●  Advise to hand out any keys to furniture, label them all and place them into a bits box together with other small fixtures etc. (pack the bits box last!) ●  Check the manifest description of the packing boxes at least for boxes with more valuable items. Ask a friend to help you.   Ask them to: ●  Pad chairs completely. ●  Wrap wood furniture in paraffin paper and then in cardboard. ●  Pack photos, negatives, and books with moisture absorbers. ●  Wrap all china and crockery individually. ●  Pack furniture cushions together and not into separate boxes. ●  Pack each lampshade separately. ●  Provide special boxes for wine bottles or liquor. ●  Pack PC and audio-video equipment in boxes with Styrofoam (use original boxes if possible).     Back Next