Check your suitcases and hand-carried baggage you need for packing your belongings for a 6 - 8 week stay in your transition home. Suitcases need to be watertight against tropical downpours and on rollers to move them easily. But, they should not be too big, as the trunks of taxis in Southeast Asia are rather small and usually loaded with stuff from their drivers.   Have a mix of one large and one medium sized bag for each family member with one extra bag of hand-carried luggage suitable to take into the cabin. Check airline requirements before buying and invest in a good product. You will not regret the money spent on luggage!   Keep receipts for tax reasons and list baggage in your Home Inventory List and never bin the list of dealers who are able to repair your luggage within the warranty time and beyond. Do not forget to buy luggage tags and numbers to stick on your luggage pieces and their keys. Buy padlocks where necessary. Keep a Baggage List to be able to describe your bags when lost.       Back Next