Set the Moving Date

Set The Moving Date The answers to the above questions will give you a time frame and present a list of things you have to do. Ideally, you schedule two months for your preparations.   Timing of Shipment In case you have not yet found a new home, it makes sense to retain the container in your home port rather than store the unpacked goods in your host country. The contents is more likely to get lost or damaged when unloaded and packed a number of times. Also, many warehouses are not climate controlled and without air conditioning your household goods may deteriorate.   The ideal shipment process would be: arrival of your container - inspection and release by customs - transport of container to your home - unloading done there under your supervision. Sometimes customs clearance is done at your home.   Often, unloading the large container on site cannot be done due to small roads and entries to the new home. Ask your moving company to check on this in advance. In this case your goods will be unpacked after custom clearance in the dockyard, loaded on small trucks, transported to your new home and unloaded.   We suggest, once you find a home and figure out how long it will take to move in, then order your container shipped to arrive at the same time.       Back Next