Farewells - Keeping Track - Staying In Touch   Once you have informed friends and relatives about your move you will receive invitations for farewells. This will make your aware that the move is now becoming reality and you should use these opportunities to conquer fears and feelings of abandonment and separation.   ● Be aware that senior relatives often try to hide their feelings from you by acting kind of strange e.g. cool, angry, and distant, etc. Explain this to your children. ● Encourage your children to start a memory file with photos from people and places they want to remember and have them collect addresses from their friends. ● Prepare some nice family pictures for close friends and your relatives ● Prepare copies of your future addresses and most important, your e-mail address. If you do not have a permanent address yet use the office address abroad rather than the temporary home (hotel). ● To ensure that you have seen all those close to you before departure you may consider having a farewell party in your house or a friend's house a week before the departure. ● You may receive a number of farewell presents which you may want to pack into the container; you should not schedule the farewell party at the last minute. ● Prepare copies of your address in the host country for friends and family to take along when saying good-bye. ● Start a complete file of addresses from friends and family. This does pay for the future if you keep it updated.   Another file should be created for all institutions which need to keep track of your move(s), such as banks, insurance companies, etc.       Back Next