Family Conference

Now it is time to let each family member know about the impending move. You may face a mixed bag of emotions - from resistance, anger and fear, to joy and excitement. Your  preparations should enable you to answer their questions and give them all the information needed about the country they are heading to.   Get family members all involved in your preparations. Use the below To Do List For Children. Appointments with dentists and doctors and the required Vaccinations need to be scheduled.  
Sort out toys, books, clothes
Return all borrowed items
Help to find a new home for pet
Start a memory file
Start an address book
Organize your farewell party
Arrange items for hand carried bag
Arrange for your own email address
    Vaccinations Vaccinations are best taken in the home country. If there is no time left to have all shots in time, you should contact a doctor attached to your embassy in the host country. Vaccines need to be kept cool all the time to function properly and this is not always guaranteed with small clinics or pharmacies.   A major issue to discuss is the way you want to say good-bye to your relatives and friends. Have a second family conference when news of the move has settled and traveled through to schools, neighbors etc. - sometimes within 24 hours.   The following list of questions is a guideline of topics to address:  
  • When does the overseas employment start? (Check taxation laws!)
  • How long will you live in Southeast Asia?
  • Who is coming along?
  • Who is staying behind?
  • Do you need to rent out/sell your home?
  • Will you sell your car?
  • What is the size of the home you are moving into?
  • What is your shipment allowance?
  • Do you need to store any furniture at home e.g. antiques, paintings?
  • How long does the shipment take to arrive?
  • Should you delay the shipment until you find a home at destination?
  • Which schools will you choose?
  • Will the children go to boarding school?
  • Which children stay behind to study at home? Do you have to find them a place to  stay?
  • Are you taking your pet along?
  • Do you have financial responsibilities in your home country?
  • Is there anything you have to buy for the host country?
  • Do you want to have a good-bye party?
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