Company Involvement

As the move is connected with your work, there should be time to deal with paperwork and telephone calls at the office. In fact, in many cases, the company's HR department takes over some duties like your immigration and employment applications.   Ask what assistance is offered. During the meeting with your HR department, you should note who is responsible, note names and contact numbers, and set deadlines. Follow up in regular intervals, as the documentation procedures have to be finalized to pass your container through customs. Never take things for granted as completion of these tasks is directly connected to your personal life and well-being!   Ask the HR department to arrange copies, translations and certifications of the required documents for all applications. Have at least three more sets of documents prepared than required, as experience shows that things get lost, misplaced, or rules and procedures change. You must be prepared to start all over again and have everything in place. As you hand out originals during the process you should keep track of what you give away. Do have passport photographs taken of all family members according to the country's specific requirements and order many extra - some expats have required up to 30 for each person! These pictures are often used on visas to travel to other countries, membership cards, school records, etc. Keep receipts for tax purposes.       Back Next