Relocation Companies

  Relocation companies offers consulting services to companies that are moving their employees around and are particularly helpful when the employee is transferred into a foreign country.  As assignments often start on very short notice, the future expatriate may be overwhelmed by the tasks in preparing for the relocation.  Relocation companies will to organize your pre-visit and relocation for a service fee paid by your company.   Following are some of the additional services provided by relocation companies to  compliment your needs when settling in Singapore:   Country Orientation This session deals with the practical necessities of settling into Singapore and covers a wide variety of topics relevant to the recently relocated expatriate: ●  Singapore Facts and Figures ●  Banking ●  Communications & Postal Services ●  Transportation & Driving ●  Schooling ●  Shopping ●  Medical ●  Household Help ●  Entertaining, Dining out and many more   Cultural Training Effective cross-cultural interaction has never been more important than in today's global marketplace. Misunderstandings and miscommunication due to cultural differences in values and communication styles can affect the productivity of the individual and an entire organization. This session is tailored to meet the participating family's specific needs through discussion, practical examples and interactive case studies. Relevant topics covered are: ●  Understanding Culture ●  Cultural Dimensions ●  Analyzing one's own intercultural strength ●  Making contact ●  Relationship Building ●  Effective Negotiation ●  Giving Feedback ●  Conducting business in a social setting and many more
  Top Management Attention This session is spent "out-and-about" in Singapore, using a chauffeur driven car or bus, in order to experience and explore this diverse and exciting city. This a very personalized tour with the aim to answer the participant's questions and concerns.  Stops may include: ●  Neighborhood orientation ●  Visits to a supermarket, hardware store and wet market ●  Hospital familiarization ●  Pet Quarantine Station ●  Furniture mall ●  Public transportation ●  Historical sites   Driving License for Singapore Singapore law requires all employment/Dependent Pass holders who intend to drive a car to obtain a driving license.  You can apply for a Singapore driving license as soon as you have received an Employment/Dependent Pass.   To qualify for the driving license, all expatriates must pass a basic theory test. Some relocation companies packaged in courses to prepare candidates for taking the Basic Theory of Driving Test, which deals with the traffic rules and regulations according to Singapore law.  Actual test questions and answers will be studied and practiced.  Many helpful tips and hints for left-hand driving will be given.   The programmer resource material includes ●  The Basic Theory of Driving Book ●  A mock test following closely the actual wording of the test for practice purposes. ●  Documentation and detailed procedure for conversion of license after successful completion of the test.   Document Assistance Support when applying for work permits and visas. Usually this is up to the HR department of your company that may outsource this work.       Back Next