Preparing For The Trip

As you are expected to use the "Look and See" Trip for an orientation, you need to come up with a result: your decision to take or not to take on the assignment. This is an excellent chance to research all remaining questions, meet with other expatriates and your possible future colleagues. Plan the trip out in detail as time will fly and you will hardly have a minute to relax. What To Take Along - Sensible Clothes and Shoes for tropical climates For women: ● Light cotton, viscose, linen dresses, blouses, skirts moderate cultural sensitive cut and length. ● A cardigan or shawl for "freezing" air-conditioning indoors. ● Comfortable shoes for long walks in a hot and sometimes very humid environment (tropical downpours). ● Moderate swim suits (especially in countries with Muslim population). For men: ● Black or blue trousers with a short/long sleeved white shirt, tie. ● No jacket/coat required other than for formal occasions except for Japan, Korea and Thailand where formal office attire is still common practice. Both - Formal attire as for formal invitations. Gifts for Your Hosts If you visit expatriates, ask them what they wish you to bring along. Expats miss numerous things back home and will let you know with pleasure. Some common items to bring along as gifts are duty-free alcohol, magazines, newspapers from home and chocolate for the children. Locals like to share typical food or other items identifying your home country. See Gifts for more advice. Others ● Your pre-visit checklist, home-search list etc. with pen and paper as well as all relevant telephone numbers and addresses in a folder. ● A set of copies of your travel documents and reports from schools. ● A large number of business cards with your home address and e-mail contact. You will need them! ● Cash currency for airport taxi and tip money when checking into your hotel. ● A video or photo camera to take your impressions home for your partner/family. ● A good medical travel kit. See Health for more advice. ● For flight entertainment: a book about Southeast Asian culture and a book about the history of the country you are going to visit. Roam your bookshop! Rules For The Trip ● Plan to arrive the day before your program starts to acclimatize. ● Sleep well and early the night before starting your research. ● Do not drink too much alcohol. ● Try local food carefully as not to upset your stomach. ● Provide breaks in your schedule to rest and rest when you feel tired. ● Keep all receipts from taxis, meals, etc. for travel expense reimbursement. ● Make notes constantly to keep track. ● Buy books and collect tourism brochures if you plan to take up the assignment to show your family and friends photos of the host country ● Shop for a small gift for those taking care of your kids back home, along with gifts of course for your partner and children. Back Next