Relocation Guide for Expats Relocating to Singapore

Our free Expat Relocation Guide is for Singapore expatriates moving to Singapore or already living in Singapore. Our information benefited many companies that placed employees for expatriate assignments. The content is also useful to independent expatriates with no relocation support from their companies.

EnterAsia Information Services Pte Ltd created our very own online relocation step-by-step guides for professionals and organizations moving to Asia. Our relocation guides are developed specific for international citizens relocating to Singapore and Asia.

Our comprehensive online step-by-step relocation program guides expatriates from all over the world to take up employment in Singapore. You will find information and guidance on preparing a pre-visit and your move, selecting a new home and international schools, employing and training domestic help, importing and living with a pet in the tropics, dealing with tropical issues such as dangerous animals and plants, living and traveling healthy, how to set up emergency plans with your family, or getting a life and career and finding new friends.

We share our knowledge and experience with expatriates on why, where, what and most important how to effectively organize the entire process while keeping your stress levels as low as possible. Our online guide operates like a coach to manage the relocation process and the many stages of an expatriate life.

Click on any of these topics in our Relocation Guide for Expats Relocating to Singapore:

Step 1: Going expatriate Accepting an expatriate assignment.
Step 2: Preview Visit Selecting your ideal home away from home.
Step 3: Pre-Move Prep Making final preparations to relocate.
Step 4: The Move Pack and move.
Step 6: Settling In Making yourself feel at home.