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Can a Foreigner or Expatriate open bank account in Singapore?

Whether you are a foreigner living overseas, tourist or an expatriate who is relocating to Singapore, you can now open bank account in Singapore without having to visit Singapore. Regardless of where you are located now, simply submit an online application to open a global banking account in Singapore. You do not need a tourist visa or employment pass to apply.

A non-resident of Singapore or someone who lives outside of Singapore can open bank account in Singapore for the purposes of savings, trading or investment. Having a global bank account will benefit international travelers who need access to their funds readily around the world.

If you are an expatriate who is planning to relocate to Singapore, you can apply for a bank account online even before you arrive in Singapore. You can have your account set up and your banking arrangements, such as salary credit and funds transfer, made before moving here to Singapore.

Singapore is a politically and economically stable country. Singapore has a fundamentally sound economy with strong growth potential. Singapore is well-established as a premier financial hub, offering a robust banking infrastructure that supports international wealth management. Manage your deposits and investments from anywhere in the world through Internet or mobile banking platforms.

You may ask, what is best bank in Singapore for foreigners and expats? Though there are many local and foreign banks in Singapore, not all of them cater to the specialized needs of expats and foreigners. Citibank International Personal Bank (IPB) Singapore. offers you a global bank account that leverages a robust wealth management platform that gives you the convenience to save, trade, and invest in a single access anytime, anywhere at your own pace.

Enjoy exclusive Citigold Relationship privileges when you invest US$200,000 or more with Citibank IPB Singapore. Transfer funds between your Citibank accounts globally for free. This service would be useful for sending money to your children studying abroad or to diversify your wealth outside your home country.

This account allows you to access the benefits of the Citibank Global Wallet, which gives you the freedom to transact up to 10 currencies.

For a limited time only, be rewarded with up to US$1,000 cash or 2 Nights hotel stay and dining treats when you open an international bank account in Singapore.

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Accounts are for personal use only, they are not intended for business transactions. Due to regulatory requirements, some countries may have restrictions to open bank account in Singapore.

This article written in collaboration with Citibank International Personal Bank (IPB) Singapore.

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