Citibank Global Wallet

Citibank Global Wallet - say goodbye to costly currency conversion charges

Take control of your global spending with Citibank Global Wallet. Avoid currency conversion charges when you shop overseas or online. Spend like a local when you are overseas, and shop online globally in 10 currencies with your Citibank Debit MasterCard.

If you are a frequent traveler, you would most certainly like to avoid the hassle of carrying multiple currencies and worrying about currency conversion rates or high overseas withdrawal charges. To avoid such inconveniences, Citibank has launched the perfect solution. Want to know more? Read on…

If you hold a current and/or savings account with Citibank, you will enjoy greater convenience when making overseas transactions. The bank has launched a powerful new feature – Citibank Global Wallet. The feature is linked to your Citibank Debit MasterCard. With Citibank Global Wallet, the world will truly be inside your pocket. It will give you the freedom to access and transact up to 10 currencies at once. What would a busy, globetrotter want more!

Multi Currency Global Wallet
Getting started on Citibank Global Wallet

To get started, you need to open a bank account with Citibank IPB Singapore, if you don’t already have an account. With this multi-currency account, you will be in a better position to harness the strong, international network of the bank in over 100 countries. With a Citibank IPB Singapore account, you can save in SGD, USD, or in a choice of up to 10 currencies with attractive interest rates. Besides, you can access trading opportunities in Singapore, US, and Hong Kong. Additionally, you can access a wide range of financial products and investments, which may not be available in your market.

For existing customers of Citibank IPB, the process is very simple. Simply install the Citi Mobile App on your phone, download, and register it today because you’ll need it to access the Wallet. Simply start by activating the wallet feature in your Citi Mobile App. And, you are all set to start transacting and enjoy various other benefits that come along.

Benefits that you could enjoy with Citibank Global Wallet

The Citibank Global Wallet feature will allow you to withdraw money, make purchases at point-of-sale overseas, and also pay for the food you enjoy at global restaurants without incurring additional foreign currency conversion fees. You can even enjoy fee-free withdrawals at Citibank ATMs worldwide. Just have the best of overseas experience and pay for all that you need to use your Citibank Debit MasterCard. You need to have an account with your native currency. For instance, if you are traveling in Thailand with Citibank Global Wallet turned on, you can use your Citibank Debit MasterCard for all your financial transactions in the country including payments and withdrawal of cash at no extra conversion fees!

When can the Citibank Global Wallet be used?

There are no restrictions – you can use the wallet for holidaying with family, visiting family or friends in other countries, business travels, and for leisure travel. You can even use your card for online purchases from international websites. So, the next time you are out with your family on an overseas tour or need to pay in foreign currency for your online shopping, don’t forget your Citibank Global Wallet. The debit card will let you shop like a local in foreign countries.

Using Citibank Global Wallet

Wherever you are in the world, you can view all your currencies in different accounts in one single screen. This would let you transfer funds and make instant exchanges when rates are favourable. If you have a relative in another country who is also a Citibank customer, you can transfer money to his/her account without any fee or price. Now transferring money to foreign currency accounts could not be easier!

Get ready to accept rents from tenants in your properties across the globe, send money to your parents or kids in other countries, or make investments using the funds in your wallet. Citibank Global Wallet offers you all these benefits and lots more! So, make your transactions hassle-free and smooth. Send money to loved ones for Christmas shopping with ease. Be effortlessly smart in managing money and save more time for the journey called ‘Life’!

Want to enjoy the benefits of Citibank Global Wallet, but don’t have an account with Citibank yet? Click here to apply for a bank account with Citibank IPB Singapore today.

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