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This site offers tips and advice on holidays in and off Singapore lisitng the attractions of Singapore and the region. Holidays from Singapore means escaping the urban jungle  on adventure trip in the region, discover nearby diving destinations and explore the rainforests while jungle trekking.

The typical expatriate boards a plane as often as others board a bus. Expat children travel the world and often have a better knowledge of international flight routes than of their home city's underground network.

According to many surveys traveling is the expatriate's favorite pastime - surely enhanced by the remarkable environment of the cities in which we live and work. If it is a short weekend trip to a remote beach or a well planned adventure tour, this section should assist you in your research and preparation.

We are not aiming to compete with the leading travel web sites. We rather want to cater for the typical needs of expatriates in Singapore and for your visiting friends and family members.

As many of us have never been in a real jungle before, we are giving valuable information on how to prepare for such an adventure or on the rules to follow in the jungle in the section Adventure Travel.

Boat Tours Tel: 6339 6833 Traditional Bum Boat Air-con Glass Top Boat Tour Wine & Dine
Helicopter Aerial Tour Tel: 6481 0546 Singapore Trolley Tour Tel: 6339 6833
Trishaw Tours Tel: 6339 6833
Hippo/Duck Tour Orchard Rd Visitor Centre Tel: 6338 6877
Crystal Leisure Cruise Tel: 6345 9696
Harbour Cruise Tel: 6533 9811
Watertours on a Chinese junk Tel: 6533 9811
Tropical Cruise Tel: 6345 9639
Fengshui Bus Tour Tel: 6738 2622
Singapore River Cruises & Leisure Tel: 6336 6111
Tour Guides
As you may not be able to accompany your visitors when they explore the city, why not engage the services of a local tour guide who may even speak their mother tongue. There are 200 free-lanced tour guides are available form the Society of Tourist Guides which has been recently launched. An office is planned at Waterloo Centre. Or see the web sites below and search by language and tour in the directory of the Singapore Tourism Board.
Free-lanced tour guides

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