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Business Clothes

Business Attire Bring lightweight clothes of natural fibers such as cotton and viscose. Men wear dark trousers (blue, gray)with long or short sleeved shirts and tie. Bring a jacket for the mostly air-conditioned offices and hotels.   Generally no jackets or suits necessary unless formally invited. Women need to dress in a modest and conservative fashion when meeting with Indians or Muslims and should cover their back, knees and upper arms.   Revealing dresses and plunging necklines as well as short skirts are not suitable. Dress conservatively, smart and elegant. Stockings are required in some office environments and when invited for an interview.   See also e-relocation Singapore "Partner Career Concerns"for more info on business women in Asia.
Info: Dress Code
Invitation stating For Ladies For Gentlemen
Black Tie Ankle-length gowns Tuxedo with waist-sash and bow tie
Formal Long dresses, national dress, below-the knee length dress, dress pant suits Smart formal suits in dark colors, Singapore Silk shirt with Orchid Motifs
Smart Casual Smart cocktail dresses, trousers, skirt suits Dark colored trousers with long-sleeved shirts

Business Etiquette

We strongly advise to take up a course on this matter. This is time and money well spent, as you may not yet realize the many possibilities of making mistakes in a completely different business environment. Doing business in Asia is a challenge for any expatriate and many deals were not done due to misconceptions and misunderstandings. Further important information on Cultural Do's & Don'ts is provided in e-relocation Singapore.  

Career Coaching

We suggest you attend a business culture seminar and a seminar to help you write your CV according to local conceptions. If you are not sure which direction to take link with a career coach to assess and explore by yourself, set a goal, get actual support with the job application process and a good preparation for job interviews with Asian female and male prospective bosses. Cost start from S$ 300 for resume coaching services to S$ 2,000 for senior executive level career coaching.   Service Provider Career Resource Center for Expatriates c/o American Association of Singapore 21 Scotts Road Website        

Maternity Laws and pro-family Incentives

As motherhood is not very popular in Singapore and the number of births has been constantly decreasing during the last year, the Government has improved pro family measures. The current pro-family incentives important for foreign female employees are:   Parenthood Tax Rebate Female employees get special tax rebates for children which can be offset against her or her husband's taxes.   Baby and Child Care There are currently more than 300 infant-care centers with more than 5000 places for children from 18 months to 2 years.   There is also a matchmaker service for nannies under the Family Day Care Services Scheme. See Kids and Schools   Maternity Leave Under the Employment Act mothers in parenting are entitled up to 16 weeks Maternity Leave paid leave. The first 8 weeks are employer-paid while the additional 8 weeks will be funded by the Government. Employers should pay the normal salary for the duration of the maternity leave and claim reimbursement from the Government.   Qualifying conditions for 16 weeks of maternity leave
  • Your child is a Singapore citizen at the time of birth
  • You are lawfully married to the child's father 
  • You have worked for your employer for at least 3 continuous month before the birth of the child
  Statutory Childcare Leave If you have a child below 7 years of age and have been employed for at least 3 continuous months, you qualify for childcare leave when each parent can take 6 days childcare leave per year, regardless of the number of children you have.   Baby Bonus Scheme The Government introduced new benefits to boost the birth rate of Singapore. Check if you can benefit from this website.   Websites
Ministry of Manpower
Tax Info working mothers IRAS