Pregnancy / Maternity

Having a Baby in Singapore

Singapore welcomes about 40,000 births annually. You can be assured that mothers-to-be and their infants can enjoy high standards of maternity medical care in Singapore during the pre-natal and post-natal stages.

The first step you should take if you suspect that you are pregnant is to confirm that you are actually pregnant. As pregnancy symptoms can be mistaken for other ailments, we recommend you to verify your pregnancy with a doctor, or at least, to use a simple pregnancy test kit that is widely available in pharmacies.

The Singapore Health Promotion board has a one-stop guide on pregnancy matters. The guide is organised according to each trimester of the pregnancy and provides useful checklists to help you to navigate through the pregnancy journey. It provides information customized to address local concerns on antenatal care, nutrition and physical activities suitable for an expectant mother, and the assistance and support that you should prepare for prior to baby’s arrival. Get the guide here.