Hospital Admission

Admission to hospitals is either through the A&E Dept (for emergencies) or through referrals and appointments. Charges vary depending on the type of procedure and ward requested during your stay with the hospital. The Hospital is usually able to provide an estimation of your hospital bill. This estimation is based on a statistical average of hospital bill sizes of past admissions, and for a standard procedure barring any complication. Your actual hospital bill may vary from the estimated bill size depending on the individual circumstances such as severity or complication of your medical condition, investigation, treatment, and length of stay.

Things to Bring for Admission Registration:

•Admission Letter •Identification Documents such as NRIC or Passport & FIN card (for foreigners only) •Identity Cards of Medisave Account Holders whose Medisave accounts will be used to pay the bill •Deposit required for admission as indicated on the Hospital Bill Estimate •Letter of Guarantee must be submitted to our Business Office for direct billing to your employer or insurance company

Government Hospitals

We have 8 public government hospitals comprising 6 general hospitals (SGH, NUH, CGH, TTSH, KTPH & AH), a women’s and children’s hospital (KKH) and a psychiatry hospital (IMH). General hospitals provide multi-disciplinary inpatient and specialist outpatient services, and 24-hour emergency departments. In addition, 6 national specialty centres provide cancer, cardiac, eye, skin, neuroscience and dental care. Non-Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents may only stay in the A-class (1 or 2 beds per room) and B1-class (4 beds) wards. The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) provides a list of charges including doctors’ professional fees, procedures and ward class. Click here for a comprehensive range of procedures at public hospitals and bill size.

Private Hospitals

Healthcare in Singapore for Expats are often provided by private hospitals. The private sector is largely run by 3 groups: Parkway Holdings, Pacific Healthcare Holdings and Raffles Medical Group. There are 21 (need to check) private hospitals and several specialist clinics (including medical centres), each specializing in and catering to the different needs, at varying costs. The private hospitals in Singapore include Camden Medical Centre, East Shore Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Alvernia Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Raffles Hospital, and Thomson Medical Centre. Most private hospitals offer executive or VIP suites. Some also offer premium medical services, such as Gleneagles Hospital’s elite health screening and the International Patients Centre at Raffles Hospital. Camden Medical Centre, which is also centrally located, houses some 59 specialist clinics and the latest suite of supporting medical facilities and services.