Choosing a Dentist

So often healthcare is not on the priority list of ‘things to do’ when moving overseas.  You probably make sure you have insurance, but you don’t worry too much about the health services you will need until you settle into your new destination.  But maintaining well being is essential if you are to enjoy your new environment, and knowing where you can get help when you do need assistance will be one less thing to worry about.


To maintain a beautiful smile and healthy teeth, you should go for a dental check-up twice a year.   Next, we should start thinking about choosing a dentist from government dental care providers or private dental clinics. The government dental care are usually cheaper in their fees but getting an appointment may take several weeks. The private specialists may charge higher fees but you can usually get an appointment within a week.


It is important to select a family dentist that you are comfortable with. Besides the routine cleaning, fillings and extractions, most dental specialists offer a wide range of services.  A good dental specialist will always educate and discuss treatment options with patients before a decision is made.


Most expats and their family will choose to go private dental specialists as the appointment and waiting time is shorter. Some expats have dental coverage provided by their employer.


Finding dental clinics in Singapore is not very difficult, though. Just like general doctors, dentists in Singapore are abundant and most of them have good reputation and experience. There are nearly 1,400 registered dentists in Singapore: they, too, are popular among medical tourists and residents alike. There are plenty at larger medical centers, in the Central Business District, in the touristy neighborhood of Orchard Road, and even in local shopping malls.


Specialist Dentistry in Singapore

Most dentists in Singapore provide basic services such as routine check-ups and dental hygiene, cavity fillings and tooth extractions, bridges, crowns, and dentures as well as orthodontic braces. For more complicated treatment, you should make sure you find a specialist with additional qualifications in the area.


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