Telecommunications - TV, Cable, Phone, Broadband Internet  

Cable and Pay TV

Cable TV is offered by Starhub. You can package your cable TV connections with your Internet Broadband, telephone or mobile phone and take advantage of the many promotions run to attract customers.   First make sure you have a TV with PAL system. When applying for a cable TV you have to find out if your home is connected and how many cable points you need.  
 Ask your landlord to install further points in a number of rooms as to enable you to watch TV or connect to SCV Broadband. Each TV set with cable connection needs to have its own Set Top Box (to choose the channels), which you have to rent from your cable TV provider. The Set Top Box has to be returned when you cancel the contract.
mio TV was introduced in 2007 by SingTel as an Internet protocol-based pay TV service to challenge the monopoly of rival StarHub. Customers can watch high-definition television content by choice without being tied to fixed programme schedules. Transmission is via SingNet's broadband network and can be viewed on any television set via the freely available IPTV IP set-top box (STB) connected over an existing SingTel phone line. mio stands for "more in one" and is SingTel's integrated gateway for home users of multiple Interned-based communication services.    

Foreign Media in Singapore

Under the regulations on foreign newspapers and magazines contained in the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act of 1986 restrictions can be imposed on any foreign publication in circulation in Singapore engaging in Singapore's domestic politics. A law under the Singapore Broadcasting Authority Act foreign broadcasters will be subject to the same rules in future. Restrictions can be imposed on sales and circulation of specific issues but do not amount to a total ban. In the past the law has been applied against the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review, the Economist and Time Magazine.   Foreign publications are available in Singapore at bookshops and newspaper stands. Prices are steep and many newspapers and magazines in other languages than English may not be imported due to a lack of demand.    

Postal Service


SingPost is the designated Public Postal Licensee for Singapore, providing  services for collecting, sorting and distributing domestic and international mail, including Direct Mail and Mailroom Management services.