Seniors in Singapore

Seniors in Asia are highly respected and generally very welcome in all Asia. Some expatriate families take along their aged relatives others are regularly visited in Singapore for a couple of weeks. It is also possible to get a social visa for a short term stay when your relatives want to stay longer or a need long-term medical help all of a sudden when they are visiting.   With full-time maids in your home seniors often get more attention than in their home countries and enjoy quality time with their children and grandchildren. Senior expatriates rather do not mix with same age locals so much as many older Singaporean do not speak English too well. But there is a large group of expat retirees in Singapore mainly gathering at the clubs.   Long-time expatriates often choose Singapore for retirement with their Asian spouses. Others feel much too young to retire and take advantage of Singapore's Global Investors Program, which gets you aPermanent Residence status by investing SGD 1 million in a business or other investment vehicles that focus on economic development.   Other reasons to feel safe as a senior are Singapore's above average health services. Despite the relatively high living cost there is a financial balance due to a reasonable tax regime and lower death duties than those in the UK.   Seniors