Public Transport

Traveling in Singapore is rated as safe, reliable and convenient and most places are within an hour's bus or MRT ride from the center - Orchard Road. Singapore has a well established integrated Public Transport System (Transit Link) integrating fare, information and networks of the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) trains  and the busses SBS and Tibs. Buy a Transitlink Farecard at selected MRT stations to ride MRT and busses. You can pay by NETS or Cash card. Check if you qualify for concession cards available for children, students and seniors.  
ez-link Card for Public Transport
With the new ez-link Card available at any TransitLink Ticket Office (TO) commuters can travel on all trains and busses in Singapore. The fare will be deducted automatically once the user passes through MRT gates or taps the card on the electronic readers of the bus. This fabulous system uses radio-wave technology and works contactless.   How to use the ez-link card If you forget to tap the card on alighting from the bus you will be charged the full fare for the remaining journey. Refunds can be claimed within 3 working days at any TO or call Tel: 1800 767 4333 to file a claim. In case you have lost your card or need to replace a faulty concession card (students, senior citizens) on the spot visit the TransitLink Customer Service Centre.  
Taxis and Cabs in Singapore Taxis seem to be abundant everywhere in Singapore (over 15,000!) and can be flagged down easily unless it is raining, late Friday afternoon or before midnight, when everybody wants to get home from a restaurant, pub or movie. Another bad time to catch a taxi will be at 5:00 pm. when offices close and the taxi drivers have their shift change. You will see a sign in their front window stating their hometown. If they stop they will ask you where you have to go and may take you along if this is on their way home. Most taxis are clean and the drivers very friendly. Many speak decent English (especially the younger generation) and know their way in town. If they don't you should ask for the road directory and find a well-known landmark next to your destination (MRT station, police, building etc.).  The most reliable way is to write down the address on a piece of paper as your way of pronouncing (accent!) the destination may not be understood.Taxis are metered and connected to a radio dispatch. All taxis are regulated and registered. is not necessary to tip the taxi drivers in Singapore.  

  Buckle up or pay SGD 300! It is compulsory to use the seat belt as a driver and passenger in any car regardless of sitting in the front or back

 Taxi Phone Numbers
Tel: 6 552 111
Comfort Premier Tel: 6552 2828
Tel: 6552 2222
Tel: 6363 6888
Tel: 6485 7777
Silver Cab Tel: 6363 6888
MaxiTaxi (12 seats)
Tel: 6535 3534
London Cab Limousine Service
Tel:  6535 3534
Trans Island Taxis Tel: 6555 8888
Boon Lay GardenRadio
Tel: 6261 4774
Singapore Radio Taxi Service
Tel: 6468 6188
Lakeview Radio Taxi
Tel: 6254 1117
New Bukit Timah Radio
Tel: 6466 9912
Telok Blangah Radio
Tel: 6275 6938
Toa Payoh Radio
Tel: 6256 1234
Sembawang Taxi Stand Tel: 6452 1924
Dover Taxi Service Tel: 6778 7908
Taman Jurong Taxi Service Tel: 6268 9301
Pet Emergency Taxi
Tel: 6581 3688 (24 hours)
 Booking Services

If you want to be sure that a taxi is available you need to book it either in advanced booking and can state the time and location to be picked up. Booking for immediate use is called regular booking. The waiting time for regular booked taxis depends on the operator, the time of the day, the traffic and the weather.

The best operator ( CityCab) has an average of 5 minutes waiting time, the worst about 25 minutes. Once your booking is confirmed you receive the cab's number plate to recognize your booking. The driver will stop and ask for your destination and name before accepting you. For fees see table above.

You get registered with your first booking and the system saves your data. The next time you call, the operator can see the pick-up location and other details on the screen. The following booking services are offered and you should compare prices before registration: 

Booking modes for taxis
Current/Regular Booking (immediate use)
Advanced booking (mostly at least 30 minutes in advance)
Emergency Taxi Booking
Automated Taxi Booking
CabLink Fax: 6 -A-Cab (Comfort Fax: 6 553 1006)
Limousine Service
Wheelchair Service (Comfort 254 3006, TIBS London Taxi 481 1222)
Auto call (without operator)
Internet booking, register
Advance Airport Transfer Booking, register
Taxi Booking Charges
Booking Fee rush hour
Booking Fee other times
Advance Booking Fee
Comfort and Yellow Top
Premier Taxis
Smart Cab
SMRT Taxis
Trans Cab