Pet Import

Pet import to Singapore is relatively easy but costly and may require a quarantine of 4 weeks. Dogs and cats in category A as from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland and further countries in category B are exempt from quarantine. All imported dogs and cats must be identified with an ISO-compatible microchip. Dogs/cats without or with unreadable microchips may be deported or detained for any necessary action. For Documents and vaccinations required see below.

What you need to know before importing your pet The hot climate and the law requiring dogs be leashed in public places restrict freedom of action considerably. Category A & B dogs must also be muzzled while in public. While one dog of approved breeds is permitted in HDB flats, cats cannot be kept there. You may keep not more than three dogs at your home other than an HDB flat or one dog belonging to the Scheduled dog class. Prior before your pet import to Singapore you need written permission of your landlord to keep a pet at your home in Singapore.

Each dog needs a license that is renewed yearly. The license will be revoked if the dog causes a nuisance (excessive barking, defecating in public, biting etc.) All dogs above 3 months of age must be licensed for rabies control.

Applicants must comply with AVA's Conditions of Licensing. All dogs must be properly confined within the owner's premises. If the dogs are in a public place, they must be on leash and properly supervised and controlled.

In respect of the dog licence, the dog owner must ensure the following:
  • - The licence is renewed annually.
  • - AVA is informed of the change of ownership of the dog.
  • - AVA is informed of change of address where the dog is kept.
  • - AVA is informed should the dog be lost or if it has died.
  • - The conditions of licence are met.

Owners found breaching the Rules or licence conditions may be compounded for the offence.

The import of personal pets must comply with AVA's veterinary conditions which includes requirements such as health certification, quarantine and inspection by AVA. You are required to obtain an import licence from the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) within 30 days prior to the date of arrival.

I general the permission process is two working days after receipt of the form. The import licence is valid for 30 days from the date of issue and the fee is S$50 per licence. A surcharge equal to the licence fee will be imposed if the licence is required to be processed within a period shorter than 2 working days.

For mixed or cross breed dogs, a coloured photo of the dog showing the face and body clearly must be attached with your online application. This is to help AVA to verify that it is not a breed which is prohibited from import into Singapore.

See below if your pet needs to undergo quarantine after arriving in Singapore.

Documents Required
Pet's rabies vaccination records
Rabies Serology Test report if applicable
Acceptance Form for quarantine space (if needed)
Import License
Health Certificate + 2- 10 days prior to export detick/deflea and deworm certification
Vaccination Card
Microchip ISO compatible for dogs and cats

Vaccinations Required   Given at least 2 weeks before but less than 1 year prior to entry .
Dogs Cats
Distemper Feline calicivirus
Hepatitis Feline viral rhinotracheitis
Parvo Virus Chlamydia psittaci
Rabies Cat enteritis or
  Feline Panleukopaenia/ Felilne parvovirus
Operating hours/Clearance If your pet arrives outside the operating hours (below) of the CMPQ the pet remains in its cage and cannot be claimed from the airline.

Note that the pet is confined to the cage until the next working day and that operating services close sharp. Food and water would be given to the your pet only if a pet mover is involved in importing the animal.

Clearance Procedures When you import your pet as "access baggage" on the same flight with you, you must notify the airline's lost and found counter of your arrival.

Once you are through immigration report to the airline's lost and found counter and supply their staff with a copy of the import permit (usually provided by your pet importer).

Never hand any original documents to the staff there! You have to fill in and sign a "handover form" provided by the counter and then proceed to the arrival hall to meet your pet importer and give him the original Health Certificate and Vaccination Card for further clearance of your pet. When your pet is imported as "cargo" you need to consign the pet/cargo to the pet mover's address, whom you have given details of the flight such as date and time of arrival, flight number and airway bill number. The shipment must be accompanied by the original documents as stated above.

The only pets allowed in Singapore are: dogs, cats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, terrapins, gerbils and some species of birds and fish. Keeping a snake may draw a fine!

Note: German Shephards, Rottweilers, Dobermann Pinschers and Bull Terriers have to be muzzled in a public place!

Dog owners are to apply for a dog licence online before applying for an import licence.

The procedures to import pets into Singapore can be found in AVA website.