Living with Children

In Singapore living conditions for expatriates with children are excellent. Expat children will enjoy quite a number of activities usually not offered in other Asian countries.  

Adoption/Birth Register

Any resident in Singapore older than 25 years and 21 years older than the child to adopt can petition to the family court for adoption of a Singaporean child. The legal process takes between six months and a year and costs depend on the case. We recommend to contact the groups below and tap their experience before you engage an adoption agency especially when you plan to adopt children from other countries in the region. All births in Singapore have to be registered at one of the Birth Registration Centres. Upon registration, the newborn will be issued a Birth Certificate.    

Children/Students at Work

If your teenager is looking for a part-time job during the holidays you need to watch the laws under the Employment Act which rule a young persons/ employment. Kids must be at least 13 years old to qualify for employment. If classified as a child (which is below 15) industrial work is prohibited and only light work is permitted.   Children are generally not permitted to work between 11 pm and 6 am. Once the earning are over SGD $50 a month CPF contributions are to be paid. But there are exceptions such as if they work only during school holidays or for the remaining year shortly after their examinations.   The American Association offers a program placing foreign students of various nationalities into summer jobs. Applicants must be between 14 to 18 years old and willing to work for a minimum of four weeks during the summer holidays (June to August). The appropriate student is then matched to the job description you submit, and we then forward their name to the employer for an interview and hiring.  

Giving Birth in Singapore

Often the trailing partner of expatriates relocating to Singapore has given up a career and it may be the perfect time to start or expand a family. Generally expatriates in Singapore appreciate the inexpensive domestic help available. More often than in other countries female expatriates living in Singapore take up work or start a business even with young kids in tow. The thought of giving birth away from your home country, family, friends and “traditional” support systems can be a bit scary. Luckily, there is possibly no better “home away from home” than Singapore to give birth to your new baby, and many expatriate mothers confess that they felt better taken care of during the birth process in Singapore than they would have in their home countries! Known as a regional medical hub in Asia, Singapore is safe and modern, and expatriate mothers-to-be have a wide choice of top doctors and both private and government hospitals to chose from.   Most expatriate families will take prenatal classes to prepare them for the birth of their new child. Many expatriate families will also employ a foreign domestic helper to help with the housekeeping andbabysitting.  After birth care is also exceptional in Singapore, with numerous resources and support systems available for expatriate families.