Best Bank for Foreigners and Expats

Are you currently residing outside of Singapore? Do you want to open a bank account in Singapore remotely? Are you a would-be expatriate who wants to open a Singapore bank account before arriving here? Modern technologies and the digitization push have revolutionize banking and certainly make banking in Singapore more convenient for the global citizen. You may not need to visit Singapore to open an account. Simply submit an online application to the Singapore bank of your choice, and the bank representatives would guide you on the procedures and documentation required to open a Singapore account.

There are many world-class banks in Singapore. Some of these banks had won various prestigious banking awards and accolades like World's Best Global Bank, World's Best Digital Bank, World's Best Investment Bank, Euromoney Awards for Excellence, etc. The million dollar question is how do you choose the bank that will be able to meet most of your banking needs? What is the best bank in Singapore for foreigners, non-residents and expats? It should be a bank that understands the your personal priorities and financial goals.

These are the top 3 considerations when you are choosing a Singapore bank for yourself:

1) Accessibility of funds when you travel internationally for leisure and business:

  • Does the bank offer free global funds transfer between your accounts?
  • Can you get 24-hour access to your funds through digital banking?
  • Does the bank offer secure and unsecured loans to finance lifestyle and investment needs?
  • Will you have access to the ATMs worldwide when you travel?
  • ATMs of Citibank-BOC-OCBC banks
    Does your bank has access to ATM networks worldwide?
    2) Opportunity to diversify and grow your wealth portfolio internationally

  • Do you have access to dedicated Relationship Manager who speaks your local language?
  • Can you get advice from investment specialists on Wealth Accumulation when you need?
  • Does the bank offers you access to global investments opportunities?
  • Does the bank offers Wealth Preservation & Legacy Planning solutions?
  • 3) Exclusive benefits and privileges

  • Does it offer attractive Welcome / Sign-up Gift?
  • Does it have a Member Rewards Program?
  • Do members get complimentary VIP airport transfers, preferential hotel rates, golf membership or other exclusive lifestyle privileges?

  • With these considerations in mind, you can now compare the financial products and advisory services offered by Singapore banks to expats, non-residents and foreigners. You can choose to open an account with a local bank like DBS/POSB, UOB or OCBC, which may also have some operations in other Asian countries. Or you can get global banking advice from an international bank like Citibank IPB Singapore, HSBC, Standard Chartered, CIMB, RHB and Bank of China.

    You can now start your journey to grow your wealth and achieve your financial goals with a bank in Singapore. To find out more about opening a bank account in Singapore, please visit Open Bank Account page.

    If you have questions about opening a bank account in Singapore, please visit our FAQ page.