Expat views on working and living in Singapore have one sentence in common: Singapore is easy when it comes to adjust to a foreign country. Expatriates say it is Asia in a nutshell as it introduces you to the many cultures in a safe and modern environment. Consider Singapore as being Asia for beginners as you learn what you need to adjust to other less developed countries in Asia in no time.   Young expatriates often see Singapore as a professional launch pad and often remain in the region. The huge melting pot of international companies generates a mood of tolerance in terms of multi-ethnicity and young professionals in their 20s and 30s like the variety of cross-cultural experiences. Interracial partnerships are more frequent than in other global cities.   Please also visit the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) official website for their recommendations to expatriates living or relocating to Singapore.  MOM's key recommendations are summarised below:
Immigration, Citizenship, PR
Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore 
Embassies Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Expatriate communities Enter Singapore
Schools Enter Singapore
Housing Council for Estate Agencies
Tax  Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
Public   transport Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
Healthcare Ministry of Health
Communications Singtel, M1, Starhub

Cars & Driving

Driving in Singapore and owning a car is very expensive. If you are not supplied with a company car you will probably opt for using public transport instead.  Generally you do not need a car to survive in Singapore as the public transport system is a dream compared to other Asian countries and taxis are easily available.   You need to take a theory test after driving in Singapore for 12 months without a Singaporean license.  Drivers not used to driving on the left hand side should be extremely careful when driving in Singapore.