Estate Agents & Home Search Services

Along a booming economy, estate agents (also know as estate salespersons) have been mushrooming in Singapore.  Only licensed agents are allowed to practise in Singapore.  Licensed property agents passed state-recognised industry examinations and are registered with the Council of Estate Agencies (CEA).  Visit the CEA website to verify whether your property agent a registered one.   Since most housing agents are paid a commission by the landlords, most tenants may not need to pay any home search fee to the agent.   An agent's commission is usually being a portion of the monthly rent.  If the deal is brokered by more than one agent, the commission will be shared among the agents.    If your monthly housing allowance is less than SGD $2500, some agents may not like to search for a house for you as their commission will be very low.  In this case, you may negotiate a fee with the agent to be paid by yourself (usually two weeks rent) or approach landlords directly.   We strongly suggest you work with a reputable company, an agent who knows the market in and out and is used to deal with foreigners and their special demands.  To make sure that you are served to the highest professional standards, we run over 26,000 listings of available houses and apartments for rent and sale in Singapore in the property directory which is powered by Singapore's largest property website   In general, you are not obliged to appoint the agent referred by your company to find you a home in Singapore.  Agents in Singapore often cooperate with other agents and share the commission of the landlord.  So it is best to note down which agent showed you the property to avoid repeated viewing.  

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