Indoor Volleyball Lessons for Kids

volleyball lessons for kids

Playing volleyball will help your kids to improve their cardio, flexibility, balance and coordination. Most schools have a volleyball team or you can also sign up for volleyball lessons offer by external service providers. There are just a few training centers that offer volleyball lessons for kids. Below are some volleyball training schools that you can consider:

1) Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) conducted indoor volleyball lessons for kids in SportsHub from mid-2016 to mid-2017. The volleyball lessons were led by the National Head Coach of Singapore Volleyball Teams, Narita Akihiko, and assisted by a number of volleyball national players. Should VAS decides to resume the volleyball lessons for kids, we will update this webpage with the training schedule. (Tel: 6259-2786)

2) International Volleyball Club (IVC) provides children between the ages of 8 and 18, who are residing in Singapore, with competitive level skills in volleyball. (Tel: 9375-8946)

3) JRT Volleyball Academy conducts private volleyball academy program on weekends. JRT partners primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges on the volleyball lessons. (Tel: 9389-4979)