Bike Sharing in Singapore

Bike-sharing allows users hire a bicycle for short periods at budget-friendly costs. Bikes are booked using mobile apps so you will need at least a smartphone to start booking bikes.

In other parts of Asia (e.g. China) and Europe, there are usually two types of bike-sharing types: docked and dock-less. Most operators in Singapore have bicycles with dock-less system that allow users to pick-up and park bikes at almost anywhere in Singapore.

There are several bike-sharing operators but 3 of them currently dominates the market. They are Obike, Mobike and Ofo. Other smaller operators are SG Bike, Gbike, Gbike, Sharebike and Anywheel.

Depending on the pricing strategies of the operators, you may pay a one-time fee for a single trip or a monthly fee for you are a regular user.

Having bike-sharing as an alternative transport mode, expats now have more options to moving around in Singapore. Bike-sharing supplements the current public transportation modes of buses and MRT trains.

Many companies are embracing more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle for their employees. They provide shower facilities in the offices for employees who cycle to work. That is the reason why more expats in Singapore are now using shared bikes to commute to work.