Shall I move to Singapore with my pet?

There will be no dry eyes when it comes to a decision about your pet’s future when you have been offered to take up employment in Singapore. Below cons have to be considered as reasons not to take the pet along: The pet is older than 10 years If a pet is older than ten years, some countries require a confirmation of health and a letter of indemnity to the quarantine provider as at this age a strenuous flight and quarantine may be fatal. The pet has a serious health problem During quarantine the normal care a pet needs is very much reduced to the basics and health problems can aggravate a situation which is easily under control when the pet is in your care. Quarantine providers are not a care giving institution (even if they provide vet services!) but are there to minimize the risk of contagious diseases entering a country via an animal. The breed is used to temperate conditions A pet owner needs to consider the impact of the tropical climate on the health of the pet. Your pet may turn very lethargic from the heat and even become sick. A breed equipped for arctic subzero temperatures does not live well in the tropics with permanent temperatures of above 30°C! (90° F) and will suffer tremendously. A dog’s life in an air-conditioned home with no chance to roam outside freely is a poor life. Breeds suitable for a normal climate will generally adjust within 4 -6 weeks. Pet’s Freedom The freedom of your pet may be severely restricted also in view of the heat and some dangerous or unhealty animals (snakes,  poisonous spiders, bugs) your pet is not used to. Dog-sitter or kennel costs can mount, as you cannot take your dog along with you, especially when traveling or on home-leave. Article by Jacqueline Reischel