Selecting Serviced Apartment in Singapore

Serviced apartments: a hassle free housing option

There are so many things to do when you relocate to a new country: finding a new home, select a school for your kids, open a bank account, find a new job, subscribe to insurances, get to know the city and its surroundings, etc...

If you are assigned to Singapore for less than 1 year (a few months) you might consider the most hassle free housing solution: living in a serviced apartment.

A serviced apartment – also known as corporate housing or self-catering apartment – is basically a residential apartment serviced as a hotel.

If you relocate for more than a year then it is probably better to find a new home in the right district. Before signing a long term lease for an apartment in a district you chose randomly, why not spending a few months in a serviced apartment first? This would give you time to get to know the many different areas of the lion-city and to select the apartment that suits you best.

Serviced Apartments in Singapore

Ok, let's say you're tempted to rent a serviced an apartment to have an easy start in Singapore. But: they are many serviced apartments providers in many different areas, how should you select the right one to cater to your needs? Just ask yourself the following questions.

How many Bedrooms do you need?

If you are a single professional or a couple, a studio, loft or 1 bedroom apartment will cater to your need. If you have children, you might need a 2 or 3 bedrooms apartment.

What is your BUDGET?

Think about your budget: living in a serviced apartment is less expensive than living in a hotel, but the cost per month is higher than a monthly rate for a traditional long term lease.

Usually serviced apartment prices in Singapore vary from 3,000 SGD/month (for on-budget small apartments located far away from the city center) to 20,000 SGD/month in luxury serviced apartments downtown.


Good question: how to decide where to live? Singapore is divided into 28 Districts!

Think about where your office is situated. Is it in the CBD or in a more remote area?

If you have children, locate their school.

Look at the public transports map: Singapore is a city with modern and effective public transportation. Living near an MRT station and bus stations is very convenient.

Many Serviced Apartments are located in the heart of the city in Orchard area (District 9-10) or Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Raffles Place, Chinatown (District 1) such as the following serviced apartments providers: 8Onclaymore, Far East Hospitality, One North Bridge, The Ascott, etc. These are usually luxury serviced apartments.

However you can also find serviced apartments providers offering more affordable options in less central areas such as Wilby Residences in Bukit Timah (District 10-11) or LMB Housing Services which operates Serviced Apartments in full facilities condominium the South/West of Singapore in districts 3-4-5-10- (Holland Village, Queenstown, HarbourFront, Buona Vista, One North and Clementi). These serviced apartments are more affordable and they are ideally located for people working in the business areas of Western Singapore.


How long?

Choose your serviced apartment according to the length of your stay: some providers offer very short stays (a few days or a few weeks) while some other offer longer stay (a few months, or more than 6 months).

Good luck and enjoy stay in Singapore!

Article and images contributed by Clementine Bayle - LMB Housing Services