Living as an Expat in Singapore

Expat views on working and living in Singapore have one sentence in common: Singapore is easy when it comes to adjust to a foreign country. Expatriates say it is Asia in a nutshell as it introduces you to the many cultures in a safe and modern environment. Consider Singapore as being Asia for beginners as you learn what you need to adjust to other less developed countries in Asia in no time.   Young expatriates often see Singapore as a professional launch pad and often remain in the region. The huge melting pot of international companies generates a mood of tolerance in terms of multi-ethnicity and young professionals in their 20s and 30s like the variety of cross-cultural experiences. Interracial partnerships are more frequent than in other global cities.   Singapore is rated the top Asian city for expatriates (ECA International) with the wide use of English a a key factor for the top billing. Other factors were the high quality of transport, communications and health facilities, the low health risks and low crime rate and its excellent infrastructure in a cosmopolitan environment. Consequently hardship allowances for expatriates assigned to Singapore are a thing of the past!   Bringing up children in Singapore is often easier than at home. Parents appreciate the ease of employing extra help, security is high and international schools provide a very high standard of education which is paid for by the employer. Mind the usual pitfalls of teenagers getting too much used to having a maid and a mobile phone and make sure they stay away from drugs of any kind!   And indeed, expat views on working and living in Singapore stress the fact that Singapore has a very low crime rate and the streets are safe during day and at night. Sport, travel and entertainment opportunities are very good and the food is a dream!   A slight minus: information via TV and media is restricted due to Government control. Foreign magazines and newspapers are very expensive. But with its fast, reliable and inexpensive broadband services Singapore's reach out to the world of information is no longer limited at all.   Jacqueline Reischel