Avoid The Mattress Size Nightmare


Imagine this – After shopping for some time, you finally decided on a mattress that you like and that falls into your budget. You made a deposit and arranged to have it delivered to your house. When the mattress is arrived, you realized that the mattress doesn’t fit into your bedframe! This is one of the biggest nightmare one could face when purchasing a mattress.  

You see, the mattress store might not want to take back the mattress because it was your mistake. Even if the mattress store does take back the mattress, you will then need to pay a delivery fee for taking back the mattress and a fee for customization which adds up to a few hundreds of dollars.  

You most probably will end up without a mattress for a few weeks and a few hundred dollars poorer! So, familiarize yourself with mattress sizes before you make any purchases.  

The following are the standard mattress sizes in Singapore:




King Size

6 Feet

6 Feet 3 inches

Queen Size

5 feet

6 Feet 3 inches

Super Single Size

3 Feet 6 inches

6 Feet 3 inches

Single Size

3 Feet

6 Feet 3 inches

For American or European Sizes, the width is usually the same but the length would be around 3 inches longer. Make sure you measure your bed to ensure it is a local Singapore size before you purchase a mattress.  

Customization If your bed is not a standard local size ( i.e American or European size), you will then have to ask for customization. Not all mattress can be customized (especially imported mattress), so check with the salesperson first. The customization fee also varies from shop to shop.  
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