10 Signs You’re a True Expat

 Check out these 10 tell-tale signs that you’re a real bona-fide expat!
You’ve made a new life for yourself in another corner of the world. But have you crossed the line to becoming a true expat?? Test yourself on these 10 signs of a true expat. 1. You get cravings for silly things like Heinz ketchup and Hershey bars 2. You get grumpy about the very same things that  initially drew you to your adopted home 3. You often feel torn between two identities. 4. You’re friends with expats, but only those who arrived around the same time as you 5. You find newbies irritating 6. You sometimes dream in a foreign language 7. You’ve attended weddings, birthday parties and baby showers….. on Skpye! 8. Your old life seems gray 9. After many iterations, you’ve finally perfected the The Ultimate Guest Tour 10. You pity those still stuck in corporate life   Click through to the full article to see all 22 Signs of a True Expat!