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How to prepare for Singapore visiting friends and family




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Singapore is an exotic and attractive holiday destination and your friends associate your life with mainly resting under palm trees. it will not take long and you will be swamped with the arrival of friends and relatives and friends of friends... A case has been reported to the editors of an expat who had 365 house guests in a year!

The usual problems with house guests can be considerably reduced, if you prepare their visit or even pass on this web site link and encourage them to make themselves familiar with the country prior to their visit.

We cannot list all the fabulous places you should visit. But we hope to grow this section with your help and have other expats share their secrets for the best islands with all of you.

Ask your visitors to download Singapore Tourism Board (STB) mobile application, available for free on iPhone and Android smartphones. The app will help visitors explore Singapore on the go by enabling visitors to access the latest and most essential information about Singapore including attractions and events, at their fingertips.


Ask your visitors to import some alcohol for you. Each adult is permitted to import duty free 1 liter of liquor or 1 l of wine per adult. Saves you the welcome drink!

Below are some simple tricks you may want to follow. Additionally we suggest you have them visit the sections on laws and regulations in Singapore and Health and Immigration to give you peace of mind.





Souvenirs SingaporeAs Singapore is regarded as Asia in a nutshell, there is no shortage of souvenirs to take back. Apart from the famous and really tiny Tiger balm which fits in every bag, you can get a number of textiles, art, handicrafts and food items to remember your time in Singapore.

If you want to buy larger items you need not worry how they will get back to you. The shops are always willing to ship them to you.

Photo:Cityscoops Media

Visitor Centers

Souvenirs SingaporeThe visitor centers of Tourism Malaysia stock some fabulous brochures and offer a number of attractive tours with great savings.

And the friendly staff will always impress your visitors!

Photo:Cityscoops Media




Tour Guides

As you may not be able to accompany your visitors when they explore the city, why not engage the services of a local tour guide who may even speak their mother tongue. There are 200 free-lanced tour guides are available form the Society of Tourist Guides which has been recently launched. An office is planned at Waterloo Centre. Or see the web sites below and search by language and tour in the directory of the Singapore Tourism Board.

See also further info Singapore Attractions - Island Escapes - Explore the Region


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