Riding a motorcycle in Singapore: where to buy, register, drive

General Information

encounters in MalaysiaWith the high and still increasing rate of fatal motorcycle accidents in mind riding a motorcycle should be considered under safety aspects. Making up 108 (or 48.6%) of the 222 fatalities in 2008, motorcyclists and their pillion riders remain the most vulnerable group of road users in Singapore.

See here for latest statistics

Especially the dangers of heavy tropical downpours should not be underestimated. You need a valid license and a conversion to ride in Singapore if you live or work here. Parking may be difficult to find as many car parks refuse parking for motorcycles. Visit the bikers chat rooms below for more specific information.



Lots of people actually wonder what to wear in this climate when riding a motorbike.As you probably do not want to wear a l full leather suit in such a hot climate, we strongly recommend you wear a full-faced helmet (FF) or at least a flip-up helmet, a riding jacket, gloves and boots. Note that you need rain gear to withstand the heavy tropical downpours.

Motorcycle Licenses

If you have an international bike licence or a foreign bike licence, the Traffic Police can help you convert this to a Singapore one. You should be aware that Singapore bike licenses are divided into three categories (see below). Regardless of your foreign licence rating, you will only be issued a Class 2B licence, although there have been exceptions. See web site below for more information on the procedure.


Please note that battery-operated bikes (electric driven bikes) with a maximum power output above 200 watts are classed as motorcycles. You could be fined S$ 5,000 or jailed for 6 months if you are caught using an unregistered motorized bicycle as every make and model must now be auhtorised by an insepction center. Scooters are not allowed on public roads, pavements next to public roads, in public parks and in HDB estates. Riders not complying with the safety rules on public roads may be fined up to S$ 1,000 or jailed up to a maximum of three months. See web site below on motorized bicyles for more information or call the Hotline at Tel: 1800 2255 582 or the traffic police at Tel: 6547 0000.

Buying a motorcycle

While the main impediment to buying a car is the high asking price, which is due to the COE (Certificate of Entitlement) the COE for bikes is much much lower, and for new bikes is currently SGD 1. You can get a good idea of the bike buying process below.

There is a wide variety of bikes available here, although Japanese bikes predominate, Honda especially. Regarding dealers for used bikes and mechanics, these vary in terms of service, and depending on whom you talk to. These judge you very much by how you behave when you first turn up on their doorstep, and what you need of them. You may find it easier to go to someone who has been recommended. Make sure that the dealer offers you an "on the road (ORT) price.



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