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Emergency Care

If you call 995 you are picked up by the Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) of the Singapore Defense Force which is manned by qualified paramedics trained to stabilize patients and take them to the nearest designated hospital. The SCDF does not charge for any emergency case it conveys to hospitals.

the official average response time of an Ambulance Service is 30 minutes. Fast Response Paramedics - paramedics on bikes - are 4 to 5 minutes faster than ambulances.

In a non-emergency, dial 1777 for a non-SCDF ambulance or contact your family doctor. The SCDF charges $165 for each non-emergency case that it ferries to a hospital.

What os classified as an emergency, is listed below.




The patient will not be sent to a hospital of their choice! Instead they are sent to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital - and if this overcrowded - to the nearest designated hospital with accident and emergency facilities listed below.

However, you may be transferred to the hospital of your choice at a later time. Official response time is eight minutes with some individuals reporting a response time of 15 - 20 minutes. Your emergency call is handled through a computer systemm (Cubicon) that chooses the ambulance closest to your location.

Therefore it is very important to listen to the adress repeated by the fire station disptacher to avoid misunderstandings and delays. You also have to give information on the nature of the emergency.

Charges are $60 one way during office hours and $80 after office hours to a government hospital. The charge for ferrying of non-emergency cases will be $120.



Private Ambulance Services

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If you want to be picked up by the ambulance of a private hospital you need to contact their Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department directly.



Private ambulances can take you to any hospital. Check if the private ambulance provides an Automated External Defibrillator, Basic Cardiac Life Support ,First Aid, Spinal Management.

Bring a doctor's referral letter and a deposit or insurance form. Inquire at the hospital in advance.

In some cases a letter of guarantee will be accepted. Check with your insurance company.

In case of emergencies it is advisable to rush to the Accident and Emergency's Departments of the National University Hospital, the Singapore General Hospital or the KK Women's and Children's Hospital as they are better prepared for these cases.

Dangerous Creepy Crawlies in Singapore

Several animals and insects in Singapore can cause unpleasant bites or stings. These include wasps, bees, centipedes, scorpions, snakes and spiders. Here are some symptoms to look out for and first aid measures to take if someone is stung or bitten.

scoprionWasps & Bees

Wasps and bees have stingers that deliver venom and cause pain when injected into the skin. Honeybees sting once and leave a stinger in the wound while wasps and hornets can sting many times. Most people who are stung by an insect will have redness, itching, swelling, and some pain around the sting site. People who are allergic to insect stings may experience rashes, itch, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, puffiness of the eyes, lips, tongue and throat, and difficulty breathing.

Non-allergic victims who receive multiple stings can also develop serious complications.

Scorpions, Spiders and Centipedes
Scorpions, spiders and centipedes in Singapore are venomous but are not fatal to human beings. Scorpions sting with their barbed tails while centipedes and spiders inject venom. The site of stings or bites may become red, itchy, swollen and painful. Some people may be allergic to the venom, or to the hairs of tarantula spiders.

Snakes do not usually attack humans unless they are disturbed or threatened. They will first warn the human by baring their fangs, making hissing noises and getting into a classic S-shape position. A bite from a non-venomous snake looks like a row of teeth bites while the bite from a venomous snake looks like double fang marks. Snakebites will be painful, swollen and numb within 15 minutes.


First aid for stings and bites
Stay calm.
Wash the sting or bite site with soap and water.
Wrap a few ice cubes in a towel and apply on the area for 10-15 minutes to stop the pain and swelling.
To prevent frostbite, do not apply ice directly on the sting area.
If there is eye irritation, rinse the eye under gently running cool water for at least 15 minutes
Prevent run-off water from entering the unaffected eye.
For bee stings, scrape out the stinger with a stiff object like a credit card.
Do not touch the stinger sac or pull it out yourself as this would inject more venom into the wound.
For snake bites, lay the victim flat. Immobilise the bitten limb, using a splint if possible and position it below the level of the heart.
Do not cut and suck out the venom as it can lead to a bacteria infection.
Do not apply a tourniquet or ice on the wound as this will reduce blood flow to the affected area.

By Loh Chin Siew, Pharmacist
Drug & Poison Information Centre
HOTLINE: 6423 9119 (24hrs)

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First Aid/CPR/Basic Water Safety/ Home & Safety Training


Allergy/Foodstuff Emergencies


In case of any foodstuff allergy with anaphylactic reactions you need to head straight to the Accident & Emergency Department of the nearest hospital.



Nebulizers/Air Purifiers: See also Shopping: Allergy Management

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Traditional Chinese Ginseng Medical HallClinics bill you on the spot for any service given, including dispensing prescribed medication.Sometimes medication may not be available at the clinic. In such cases, ask the nurse to help you locate a pharmacy with stocks available. Medication can be ordered within one or two days. If you need special drugs from overseas it is wise to bring an ample supply (with doctor's certificate!) until you have ascertained availability in Singapore. Generally clinics and pharmacies are well stocked.

Many over the counter drugs available overseas cannot be purchased in Singapore unless you have a prescription. This includes oral contraceptives, sedatives, sleeping pills and tranquilizers. Some brands may be sold under a different name. Consult the pharmacist. Expect drugs to be relatively expensive in Singapore, as there is no government subsidy.

Buying drugs online from a foreign web site is not recommended for both health and legal reasons.


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