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emergency in Singapore

The response to emergencies in Singapore is well organised. With increased terrorist threats the Singapore has adopted a policy of emergency preparedness . We suggest you visit the government web sites below and learn how to respond to emergencies and where to call for assistance.

Please leave all important numbers also at a prominent placehome and with your maid. You need to instruct her how to respond, where to call and what to say. We have compiled templates to print out in e-relocation Singapore, which you can access for free if you qualify for the password.

You can find out how to respond to emergencies as explained below in the Government websites.

To find the police station in charge of your area view this interactive map.

Listen to the public warning systems and learn how to respond to emergencies in Singapore
First Aid Help
Learn about emergency preparedness and evacuation procedures for emergencies in Singapore
Find your nearest Civil Defense Shelter by entering your postcode
Learn about environmental problems Singapore may face
Learn about infectious diseases threatening you in Singapore
Learn how to guard against terrorism, anthrax and bomb emergencies in Singapore
View evacuation procedures in the MRT and on Roads and CTE Tunnels
Sign up as a Civil Defense Volunteer for emergencies in Singapore
Learn about natural disasters that may lead to emergencies in Singapore


See Shopping for Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors

See Health for important information on hospital admission, emergency services and health alerts.


Important Telephone Numbers

Source: enterAsia Information Services www.entersingapore.info

Foreign Missions

Register at your embassy and get your name on their mailing list or subscribe to their e-mail newsletter. Inform yourself about their emergency and evacuation procedures via their web site.

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