Driving and Traffic Rules in Singapore




Driving is on the left hand side! Be aware of frequent lane switches without signaling, difficulties to change lanes, tendency to pass red traffic lights, reckless motorcycles, and many speed control cameras.

The speed limits in town are 50 km/h, max. 80 km/h on expressways and max 70 km/h in tunnels.


Driving License


Your current driver license is valid for 12 months in connection with an International Driver License from your home country.Tthe Automobile Association of Singapore can only issue International Driving Permits (IDP) to holders of Singapore Driving Licences. Foreigners who wish to drive in Singapore for more than 12 months are required to either obtain an IDP from the country where their licence was issued, or to seek advice from their respective consulates or embassies.

If you do not have a license you need to pass the basic theory test, the final theory test and the practical test. The enrolment fee at the Driving Schools or Driving Centers varies between S$ 82.40 and S$ 149.35 .There is also an enrolment fee.

The higher fee includes the fees for four theory test classes. Driving lessons for 100 minutes during off peak hours (mo-Fri 8.30 am - 6.05 pm) cost S$ 57.68. On weekends and after 6.50 pm you pay S$ 65.92 per 100 minutes. Private Driving Instructors cost around S$ 25 for an hour-long lesson and are generally more comprehensive. 50% of the students at driving centers pass at the first time. Note that lessons have to booked about a month in advance. Cancellation can be made up to 72 hours in advance but late cancellation or missing a class results in forfeit of the fee paid.

Since recently basic, advanced and riding theory test have the option of taking a computerized test as opposed to a written or oral one. The test assigns 50 questions randomly out of a database of 1,500 questions. The fee is SGD 6,00 per test. Tests can be booked at the driving centers at Bukit Batok, Comfort Driving Centre in Ubi and Singapore Safety Driving Centre in Ang Mo Kio. Results are available immediately and you can apply for a provisional driving licence on the spot.

Refresher Courses for Practical Driving

If you feel insecure driving in Singapore, why not take up a refresher course. Check with the driving schools below.

Note: If you are over 65 you have to undergo a medical checkup every three years in order to maintain the validity of your driving licence. A refresher course is not requried you only have to submit a medical form. If you have not done so, you might be caught and considered as driving without license.

Peak Period
Every Monday between 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm. Every Saturday between 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.
Average waiting time to be served is about 60 minutes. You are encouraged to come during our off peak period to enrol and book for your Traffic Police theory test.

If you intend to stay longer than a year with your Current and International Driving License you need to apply for a Singapore driver's license at the Singapore Traffic Police and pass the Basic Driving Theory Test only. Book your basic theory test at the websites above.

Online booking of the Basic Theory Test is available. See above Web Site of the Driving Centers for documents and fees to present. The license is issued for a probationary period of one year and you should not accumulate more than 12 points in your Driver Improvement Points System during that period or the license will be revoked. A clear record is also quite important when applying for Permanent Residency (PR).

Recommended Procedure:
Inform yourself on documents to bring at the a.m. Web Site
Book the Basic Driving Theory Test online at the a.m. Web Site
Study the Official Handbook Basic Theory of Driving (58 pages)
Submit your application in person at the Traffic Police Department, No. 10 Ubi Avenue 3 with the necessary documents.
Pass the test: 50 questions in 60 minutes - good luck!
Note: your driving license needs to be translated into English!



Car Accidents

In case of an accident you should proceed like in your home country. You have to stop immediately and ascertain if someone is injured. Take down the particulars of all parties involved and inform your insurance as soon as possible. As the police need to draw a sketch plan, do not move the vehicles or casualties. A written report in English has to be submitted to the police as soon as possible. If you are injured you need a medical report from a doctor. Immediately inform your company and your car insurer.

If you are insured with a firm on the Independent Damage Assessment Centre (IDAC) you need to call Tel: 1800 887 5151 and will be directed to the centre for assessment where they will help you to fill in the Singapore Accident Statement claim form for the insurer. The form is mailed to you when you insure your car and should be placed in the glove compartment. Insurers advise you to give a description of the incident plus a sketch and all parties involved in the accident have to sign it at the scene. Your insurer may require you to send your car to an authorized workshop.





Driver Improvement Points System


This system is designed to identify high-risk motorists or habitual offenders and stop them from driving. Each driver has 24 demerit points available to loose within a period of 24 months. A first time suspension is for three months and thereafter the number of points available to lose drop to 12 in 12 months.





How to pay fines accumulated in Malaysia:


Seat Belts & Child Seats

Belting up is compulsory in Singapore for front and back passengers in private cars and taxis which come with seat belts. $120 fine will be imposed on the passenger who is not belted up. The driver will be fined $120 and given 3 demerit points for failing to ensure that his passenger is belted up. If the driver is not belted up, he/she will be fined $120 and given 3 demerit points. Children below 8 years must be strapped in a child safety seat. This is necessary in both the front and rear seats. However, child seats are not compulsory in taxis.

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