Maintaining a Car in Singapore:

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General Information


Driving in Singapore and owning a car is very expensive. If you are not supplied with a company car you will probably opt for using public transport instead.

Generally you do not need a car to survive in Singapore as the public transport system is a dream compared to other Asian countries and taxis are easily available.

You need to take a theory test after driving in Singapore for 12 months without a Singaporean license.

Note: drivers not used to driving on the left hand side should be extremely careful when driving in Singapore.

More info on the license see below!

Visit also the section Buying a Car.

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

The ERP system keeps roads in Singapore congestion- free as motorists are charged when they pass through the ERP gantries according to vehicle category, time, place and congestion levels. There are 41 gantries located along the major expressways, the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and the Restricted Zone (RZ).

Cars have to be fitted with an in-vehicle electronic device (Vehicle Unit (IU)) which accepts a stored-value Cash Card. 100 feet before passing through an ERP gantry the Cash Card automatically deducts the toll. The IU beeps and displays the new value of the smart card. If the Cash Card has an insufficient value subsequent enforcement action is inevitable as the gantry cameras will take a photograph of the registration plate.

Make sure the smart card is pushed in all the way as you will be still fined if it is not properly inserted and thus not able to deduct the toll. Smart cards can be topped up at most gas stations, 7-Eleven shops and some car parks which use the same system.


Road Tax Renewal & Statutory Inspection

One months before the expiry date you will receive a road tax renewal notice. Before the renewal you need to

ensure cover of the full period of the new licence by the insurance
check if your vehicle is due for a statutory inspection.

You may then renew your Road Tax
Online at the web site below
Visit one of the Road Tax Collection Centres mentioned in the renewal notice
Pay by Giro or cheque to the Land Transport Authority

The Land Transport Authority provides the following services at the web sites mentioned below
Buy a new vehicle
Maintain a vehicle
Buy/Sell a used vehicle
De register a vehicle
Online Road Tax renewal
Pay fines and charges online
View and print check-lists for various tasks
Renew your COE
Change your particulars (Address etc.) online


The Automobile Association Singapore is an authorised Service Collection Centre for Road Tax Renewals. Motorists can now visit AA Customer Service Centres at two convenient locations (River Valley and Leng Kee) and even choose to pay via OCBC's 0% interest instalment plan. For more information on our locations and operating hours, please visit


Car Repair/Spare Parts/Maintenance


Petrol Stations/Prices

Automobile Association of Singapore

As a representative of the Singapore motoring arena since 1907, the Automobile Association of Singapore (AA) is committed to serving the needs of its over 77,000 members and the local motoring community.  The Association is a voice of motorists, acting as a bridge between the motoring public and the relevant authorities.  AA members can enjoy emergency roadside assistance as well as benefits and privileges at a myriad of motoring and lifestyle outlets both locally and worldwide.  AA’s vision is to be the partner in motoring and to excel as the leader in quality vehicle recovery and motoring services in Singapore


Almost all buildings have a car park and fees apply which can be settled with your ERP cash card in many places. In Sun Tec City a system called TeleMoney permits to pay fees on your mobile phone by calling Tel: 6464 0080.

parking in Singapore

At open parking spaces (e.g. East Coast or Holland Village) you need coupons, which have to be bought and perforated in advance. Coupon booklets (see image) are available at 7 Eleven Shops and petrol stations. Make sure you have a good supply of them in your car! Failure to use them as indicated results in fines and/or wheel clamping. And we also suggest that you take great effort to do it right as the parking meter girls do not like jokes at all. Display them clearly visible next to each other inside your windscreen.

Expired Parking Coupons can be exchanged at the
URA Customer Service Center
45 Maxwell Road
Tel: 6329 3434



Park & Ride

Purchase a Park & Ride Ticket set or daily coupon (combination of MRT fare card and parking pass) at specified MRT stations and save RZ fees and higher parking fees in the city.

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