Getting a Life

Experienced expatriates know: there will be never a dull moment and time flies. Although you may not be able to imagine at first, there are many chances to get a busy life in Southeast Asia.   Finding a job as a spouse does not automatically imply happiness in some places and you may be much better off with alternatives you never ever considered in the first place. All you need to do is to adjust your expectations and to realize that success does not always come with money!   Try the following options, which may look equally attractive in your CV or resume and offer new experiences:   Take a Degree or Course Online   Take Up A New Hobby ●  Master a new sport. ●  Learn a new skill.  

Help The Less Fortunate

●  Organize charity events for your children's school. ●  Become a volunteer.   Engage in Clubs and Schools ●  Join the Parent Teacher Association. ●  Organize a local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. (SPCA) ●  Become active in a women's/business club. ●  Give talks about your hobby or job or home country.   Teach a Special Skill What you may have taken up once by yourself in your country to enjoy can turn into a much asked for skill to teach other either locals or expatriates.   Set Up Your Own Business ●  Become a freelance writer. ●  Write a book. ●  Create your own web site. ●  Become a web master. ●  Learn the local language and culture and become a tour guide.   Learn New Computer Skills ●  Web Design. ●  Web Master. ●  Web Site Content Journalist. ●  Graphic Designer on the Internet. ●  Presentation Provider. ●  Internet Researcher.     Back Next    
Step 1: Going expatriate Accepting an expatriate assignment.
Step 2: Preview Visit Selecting your ideal home away from home.
Step 3: Pre-Move Prep Making final preparations to relocate.
Step 4: The Move Pack and move.
Step 6: Settling In Making yourself feel at home.