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Open Bank Account

How can a Foreigner or Expat open a bank account in Singapore? 


There are 2 ways for a foreigner or expat to open a banking account in Singapore:

Visit the branch personally when you have arrived in Singapore or


 Simply submit an online application for a Singapore bank account from your home country.  This method is preferred by many.


If you are an expatriate who is planning to relocate to Singapore, you may wish to apply for a bank account now so that you can transfer funds from your home country even before you move to Singapore.


If you are a foreigner who is not living in Singapore, you may make an online application for a global bank account without entering Singapore.  You can use the Singapore bank account for savings, trading or investment.


Citibank International Personal Bank Singapore offers you a unified online wealth management platform that gives you instant access to your funds, while allowing you to trade, invest and manage your wealth anytime, from anywhere.  


Click here to find out more about applying for a bank account in Singapore. 


Open bank account in Singapore