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When the sun sets in Singapore, the skyline turns into a glittering panorama as the Singapore river reflects a thousand lights from the city’s financial hub – symbolic for the many ways expatriates can enjoy themselves in Singapore after dark.


With an abundant night life and a large number of pubs, bars, discos and restaurants for each taste often within walking distance from your Singapore home the choice is yours.


From the classical cultural Asian experience such as attending a Chinese opera to rocking with Western pop groups or singing along in a musical – entertainment in Singapore is the best in the region and frequented by many visitors from neighboring countries. Tickets should be booked early to avoid disappointment on missing out on entertainment in Singapore.


Singapore’s club scene is hot and we tell you where to go to meet fellow expats and Singapore’s sarong ladies and boys – the perfect companions for lonely strangers in the night.


Stay away from Western temptations such as drugs as the laws are stringent and apply to a foreigner in the same way as to the locals. Only recently a number of expatriates were sent to jail in Singapore for drugs in their possession. You will be hanged if you are suspected to be dealing and the amount of drugs on you surpasses a certain limit. Please take this advice serious.