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Continuing Education for expats in Singapore


If you do not want to work, but rather develop your career further expats staying in Singapore are confronted with many choices. Private schools offering diploma and degree programs should be awarded the "Singapore Quality class for Private Education Organization award. Check with the web sites below for verification.

Further information is provided in Step 5 of e-relocation Singapore.

Before committing expatriates should view the following info box:



IT Courses Singapore


Art , Design, Film Courses Singapore




Learning Languages in Singapore


Learning Mandarin is very difficult but worth the effort if you consider the many new doors this language may open for you in Asia. While English is widely spoken in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, you enter a different word once you arrive in mainland China where a foreigner with no Chinese language skills at all takes triple the time to adjust to his/her new environment.

The Chinese Language Proficiency Center offers intensive Mandarin Courses for 4 hours in the morning on five days weekly. Applicants must be graduates or current students of a tertiary institution.

Other Languages

If Mandarin is not your cup of tea, get involved in another language. As an expatriate you next employment as an expatriate is secured if you are versed in other languages.



Personal Development Courses in Singapore

Select from some very interesting courses which may turn your life upside town by you setting up a new business in this field.

Professional Development Courses in Singapore

There are a number of Institutions offering part-time professional Development Courses in Singapore. Check out the website of the local and international institutions below

The British Council has dedicated a center for courses in this field which stretches far beyond English language courses.

See also Learning Languages

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